Best Hammer Drill for Tile Removal 2022 – Tile drilling out is a dreary, testing, and persevering work that you can do capably using a drill hammer.

For revamping a house or refreshing the kitchen, removing the tiles is an essential task.

Best Hammer Drill for Tile Removal 2022

#01 – DEWALT Rotary Hammer Drill with Shocks



Any cordless “hammer drill” We’ve tried pales in comparison to the DeWalt SDS rotary hammer drill. It merely takes seconds to drill holes in concrete, stone, or brick. Using it to break up concrete, on the other hand, may be a bit excessive. When was adjusting the shower drain in our bathroom, We saw oil on the chisel, but it disappeared when We removed it.

It was attempting to remove tile off the floor. For almost 25 years, the tile had been cemented to the underlying cement. What a waste of time trying to hammer and chisel.

This is the second time We’ve bought the same drill. We got the first one in 2006 and used it virtually every day since then.

One of the most useful characteristics of the hammer drill is that it has a variable speed trigger that allows you to modify the speed depending on the job. Furthermore, owing to the brand’s service facilities, you will receive a 3-year manufacturing warranty and 24-hour customer service.


  • Comes with sturdy and durable construction materials
  • Powerful 8.5-amp motor along with 3-J impact energy ensures faster tile removing
  • Super efficient vibration-damping system
  • Adjustable D-handle for convenient performance
  • Versatile with SDS-Plus, making it a solid choice for tile removal


  • Some users complain about overheating of the tool


#02 – XtremepowerUS Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack hammer Concrete Breaker



When it comes to removing tiles, you’ll need a heavy-duty tool. As a result, our second runner-up for the finest demolition hammer drill for tile removal comes from XtremepowerUS, a well-known company. This is the most potent tile tamper available.

It can outperform any vacuum cleaner thanks to its strong 2200 watt motor. We thought the gadget was fantastic because it can handle any demolition operation without the use of an air compressor. As a result, you’ll discover that the gadget is the most adaptable and suitable in terms of breaking any materials.

The tool has an anti-vibration mechanism for vibration reduction, which is one of its most enticing characteristics. It also comes with safety equipment and a chisel, which will keep you from becoming fatigued.

Blasting out concrete is a common task for a house builder or remodeler. We have a range of Bosch and Makita electric hammers. We recently had a task where we needed an extra demo hammer due to the volume and thickness of slabs we needed to remove.


  • Adaptable 360° foregrip enables reliable and consistent hammering
  • Inbuilt anti-vibration mechanism reduces vibration
  • Rotatable chisel locking system enables safer operation
  • Comes with an array of accessories along with a variable speed controller
  • The powerful motor is ideal for various jobs


  • The carrying case comes with poor quality and the overall tool is a little heavy


#03 – Mophorn Electric Heavy Duty Concrete Breaker Jack Hammer


This hammer is incredible. While it is not a professional-grade instrument, it is ideal for a household. It smashed through 10 inches of concrete with ease, which We  wanted to remove.

The hammer is heavy, but We compared it to other demolition hammers on Amazon, and several users complained that the hammer’s housings were plastic. This hammer is primarily made of metal and appears to be well constructed.

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It was used to destroy 4-8 inches of concrete around an inground swimming pool. It is heavy duty and simply keeps going… We had to do some lubricating research because We couldn’t locate what was advised, but that was no problem using the internet.

This is the jackhammer for you if you want one that performs well and is affordable. It’s a fantastic buy, and We definitely suggest it. It appears to be well-made and works well. Like butter, it sliced through the 6″ floor and the existing 3″ thick concrete sump basin.


  • 3600 watts of powerful motor delivers 1800 BPM impact energy
  • Rotatable 360° D-handle allows for work in any direction
  • Comes with two built-in chisels
  • Improved power cord ensures reliability and long-term operation
  • Durable and sturdy construction with premium quality materials


  • This tool is a bit heavy as well as doesn’t include any instruction manual


#04 – BOSCH Rotary Hammer Power Drill with Carrying Case



This was purchased for a tile removal job that We ultimately opted not to complete. We used it for 5 minutes a year later to drill several holes in a concrete slab for a new porch post. We used it again a few days later to remove tile from a tiny shower floor. After around 3 SF of tiling, the tool simply stopped operating. Unbelievable.

This drill was a lifesaver for me!!! To add molding/thresholds for a laminate wood floor We recently installed, We needed to drill multiple holes into a concrete base. We had a battery-operated drill with a hammer-drill mode, but it just wasn’t cutting it.

This tool can accomplish a lot of things, and it does them all well. Despite the fact that it is not the largest rotary hammer in its class, it outperforms several more expensive and powerful instruments. It’s well-designed, and it’s handled everything We’ve ever thrown at it—and We’ve thrown a lot at it at this point.

It’s a great demo hammer; We’ve used it to break down a cinder block retaining wall, a brick and mortar chimney, and it pops up tiles like they’re nothing, making fast work of a job that would otherwise be laborious and awful. This alone would make the gadget well worth the money. It’s the equivalent of an eight-pound jackhammer.


  • Rotatable brush plate boasts consistent power along with improved flexibility
  • 2 ft-pounds of impact energy and 7.5-amp motor for quicker tile removal
  • Variable speed trigger along with SDS+ bit mechanism for greater precision
  • Durable carrying case for easy maneuver
  • User-friendly and ergonomic design


  • The price range is quite higher and the lower mode often malfunctions


#05 – ENEACRO 13 Amp Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill



Well, this utility quit working the second time We used it…

Now it’s time to wrap things up. When this firm learned that We had a problem with one of their devices, they went out of their way to make things right. That’s precisely what they did. They gave me a free rotory hammer drill. And double-checked that We had received it.

First and foremost, the tool itself was a great buy; it performs as promised, has enough of power, and looks and feels like a high-quality equipment. Some information in the user handbook is missing. The text does not go into detail on how the two control levers work.

This drill definitely does the job. We’ve had no problems drilling through 4 ” concrete. It includes various drill bits that are generally not supplied with drills of this type and must be purchased separately.


  • The anti-vibration mechanism for vibration control
  • Comes with a dust-proof mechanism for motor protection
  • Convenient cooling system reduces the risk of overheating
  • Ideal for any removal projects with a powerful 13-amp motor
  • Features a 360° flexible handle that provides useful strikes and grips


  • At a cooler temperature, it may not function properly


#06 – Makita Rotary Hammer For Tile Removal



Usually wait a year or so before reviewing a product, but We’ve chipped roughly 1000 square feet of tile with this in the last two months. We was also quite satisfied with the Tacklife chisel set. It performs admirably in this regard.

We ‘ve drilled around 30 holes in concrete up to 5/8 inch with no issues. It will spike into 2in slabs, but anything deeper will make it larger. It does become hot, so after approximately 20 minutes of continuous usage, We give it a few minutes to cool off.

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This is not a cheap pound-a-matic, but a real rotary hammer drill. The motor did not become overheated. It’s made to pierce through concrete, and it accomplishes just that. What you pay for is what you get. This is more expensive than the low-cost options, but it will not burn up or break like the low-cost alternatives.

This device is perfect for my basement renovation. We’ve been using it to break up solid concrete in order to level and smooth the floor so that hardibacker can be installed. My house’s builders never meant to finish the basement, so they allowed concrete piles overflow over the forms’ borders.


  • Best build quality with durable materials
  • Highly efficient and silent motor
  • 3 types of operations with different modes
  • Longer runtime
  • High compatibility with SPS chuck


  • We find it heavy



#07 – BOSCH (11321EVS) Corded Concrete Demolition Hammer


Three bathrooms and the kitchen floor are being renovated. On the first day of the project, We tried removing the tile and concrete backer board using a hammer and chisel.

We leased a 22-pound demo hammer for $100 a day the next day, which ripped up the tile and my body. With the tile chisel connected, this instrument weighs roughly 15 pounds and is ideal for a DIYer or professional.

This item is a monstrosity. It’s generally used for bathroom demonstrations and slabs. To make things a little simpler on the user, use an 18″ bit. It’s big and heavy, but it’s well-made.

We ‘d purchase it again the next day. The only criticism We have is that the trigger is wide and located in a bag, so I accidentally turn it off quite a time.


  • The lightweight and handy design makes it easy to use
  • Quick and easy start-up and safer technology, making it ideal for beginners
  • Convenient locking mechanism for users’ safety and comfort
  • Great impact energy and powerful motor for removing tiles from any hard surfaces
  • Provides ultimate control over any task


  • The power switch may have issues with overheating



#08 – VonHaus SDS-Plus Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill



It was a little hesitant to make this buy because it is a very inexpensive rotary hammer drill from a manufacturer We had never heard of before. But, given the price, We decided, what the hell, We’ll give it a chance. This was not intended to be a professional tool, but rather a tool for a homeowner. On a renovated deck, We needed to relocate some pier posts.

Clearly, this is a heavy-duty hammer drill. However, the description, which implies that it has variable speed, is a huge fault. “With a no-load speed of 850 RPM and a customizable trigger, you’ll always be in complete control of your tool.” This is just not the case.

This hammer drill performs admirably. 200 square feet of ceramic tile were pulled up using the chisel function. We chiselled the grout lines, then whacked the bottom of the tile with the chisel, and they popped off. We was able to save a significant amount of time and effort. Then We discovered linoleum beneath the tile.

Drilling 4″ deep holes in concrete was required, and the work had previously been attempted using a light duty hammer drill, which proved to be laborious. The bits would overheat in 20 minutes each hole. Each hole took about a half-minute to drill with very little resistance using this rotary hammer. We strongly suggest it.


  • Powerful 10 amp high-performance motor
  • Designed for heavy-duty projects with exceptionally powerful impact energy
  • Rotational speed without load: 0 – 850
  • It features three operation modes: only hammer, only rotation, and both hammer and rotation
  • Steel capacity is 1/2 inch, wood capacity is 1-3/16 inch and this product is 360° swivel


  • Due to its lack of a variable speed trigger, the drilling and driving job is not precise



#09 – Milwaukee M18 Fuel Brushless Cordless Rotary Hammer


Don’t be put off by the fact that it’s battery operated; while it eats through batteries quicker than any of my other M18 tools, it’s no slouch when it comes to drilling through concrete or asphalt!

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A 3.0 cell gets you roughly 20-22 holes, which We believe is very decent considering what you’re asking the tool to perform. Not having to deal with extension cords or gas powered generators is worth it—holes get drilled just as quickly as with my Milwaukee corded HD—which, come to think of it, hasn’t been used since We acquired this one!

Milwaukee tools are solidly made and can withstand a battering, so you can’t go wrong. Just make sure you have high-demand batteries and a few spares on available since this gadget eats through batteries quickly, but it’s well worth the money.

With it, We’ve ripped up a lot of tile and concrete. If you’re on the fence about buying it, go ahead and do it so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of doing it by hand.

For its size, this is a decent drill. My old corded hammer drill has been replaced.


  • Improved FUEL technology with a powerful 5-amp motor for reliable operation
  • Durable construction with high-quality materials
  • Ideal for both drilling and chipping projects
  • LED light provides better visibility into dark environments
  • 2.1 ft-pounds of impact energy and 0-1500 RPM


  • The torque level should be better



#10 – DEWALT Demolition Hammer Drill for Tile Removal


When it comes to lightweight demolition hammers, the Dewalt D25901K is the clear victor. It’s ideal for removing floor tiles and walls, as well as modest demolitions and other chiselling projects.

With hefty hammers, you might become tired quickly, and utilising them isn’t simple either. A lightweight demolition hammer is considerably easier to operate. The machine weights 22 pounds, making it quite easy to operate with for extended periods of time.

It also boasts wide rubber handles on the back that decrease vibrations and provide a secure hold. This model’s built-in shock-active vibration control lets you to work comfortably for long periods of time.

The front handle rotates 360 degrees horizontally and 150 degrees laterally, making it ideal for smashing tiles on walls. It comes with a carrying bag that is great for storing it.


  • It will remain for a long time because of the dust seals
  • It’s easy to use and anyone can handle it
  • Has a dynamic motor
  • The body is incredibly light
  • A carrying case is also included, as well as a large back handle


  • Not money-saving, also build output isn’t long-lasting


Factors to pick the Best Hammer Drill for Removing Tiles

Beating Action

Typically, novel drill hammers have a specific action mode. The most notable mode is hammer exhausting that pushes the gadget forward while the exhausting contraption transforms and allows entering into serious surfaces gainfully. 

Motor Power

Taking a gander at concrete and stone exhausting, killing tiles is much more clear work. Hence, any drill hammer with a 3-amp motor will get the job done for managing dried mortar and chipping grout. 

Scratching Attachment

The best procedure for disposing of tiles is by using a tile scrubber association. In any case, these regularly don’t go with a hammer drill, so consider some extra cost for a scrubber when purchasing a drill. 


A lightweight and limited arrangement drill will permit you to work in a sharp corner or under an agency profitably. Furthermore, disposing of tiles is the lightest-commitment work for a drill. 

Regardless, guarantee you are using the best hammer drill for tile ejection since a normal drill hammer can crush all the troublesome work.

Floor tiles are ordinarily fixed to a concrete or significant surface, which you can without a doubt and quickly kill using power tools.

Anyway, the procedure is comparable to appearing differently in relation to the manual cycle, using a hammer drill needn’t bother with a great deal of genuine effort.

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