10 Best Drywall Screw Gun 2022 – On the power instrument range, drywall screw weapons are positively more particular, yet in numerous businesses, they’re guaranteed.

Best Drywall Screw Gun 2022

#01 – Best Cordless Drywall Screw Gun – Makita XSF03T Brushless Cordless Drywall Screwdriver Kit



Makita’s cordless screw gun with brushless motor is a good package. Two batteries, a charger, and a carrying bag are included. It can operate for extended periods of time and has no issues with power or durability, thanks to the type of motor it uses (rather than brushed motors), and it’s also designed to save energy.

These cordless screw guns also include the brand’s Extreme Protection Technology, which makes them more resistant to harsh situations like dampness or abrasion. Another amazing feature that saves battery power is the push drive technique.

Although the Makita screw gun may be purchased alone, batteries (and their charger) will need to be acquired at some point, therefore this package is worthwhile.

This kit is fantastic. One of the batteries is an extra of mine, and this shot was taken immediately after it was opened. It appears to be high-quality equipment.


#02 – Best Energy Efficient Screw Gun – Milwaukee FUEL Drywall Screw Gun



Because of its auto start mode and lock-on button, this Milwaukee screw gun won’t run the motor until it starts pressing into the wall, which isn’t something the normal corded screw gun possesses.

It, too, has a brushless motor for longer, more powerful run times, as well as an LED light for improved visibility in dimly lit locations. This is simply the tool itself, but it’ll work with any Milwaukee M18 battery, or purchasers may get the charger and battery pack as a package.

A customer wrote, “The greatest drywall gun, EVER.” “Cordless, lightweight, beautifully balanced in the hand and on the belt, ergonomic grip, effortless screw insertion, extremely easy depth adjustment, a great tool.”

A fantastic drywall gun! Lots of screws in and it’s still smooth as butter, the auto start feature took some getting used to but We’d never go back to anything else because We can make a 4ah battery run nonstop all day just about, better and quieter than dewalt, hilti, and makita screw guns in my opinion as I’ve used those brands and this is great.


#03 – Best General Cordless Screw Gun – DeWALT MAX XR Drywall Screw Gun


The DeWALT MAX XR drywall screw gun is a general-purpose screw gun that may be used in drywall applications. Its adjustable torque technology allows it to take on jobs that would make other tools quiver, and the Versa-Clutch system reduces the risk of screw and hole damage.

This type can also handle metal and steel, if you’re looking for something a little more versatile than a drywall gun.

“We’ve been using this pistol for a month now, and it works excellent and can take a hammering, much like most of DeWALT’s goods,” one reviewer said. “If you’re searching for a corded heavy duty screw gun replacement, this is it.”

Extremely sturdy and performs admirably even after many bounces from the roof to the ground, not that We did it on purpose, but hey, it happens.


#04 – Best Collated Screw Gun Attachment – DeWALT Drywall Screw Gun Collated Attachment



This useful adapter attaches to the screw gun’s nose on the DeWALT DCF620. This mod allows you to feed strips of drywall screws via the basic gun. It also features a depth adjustment mechanism that allows employees to use different screw lengths and get their desired depth each time they use it.

Collated attachments are ideal for any job site where a high number of installations are required each day, since they allow for more efficient application than traditional screw guns. This one is also well-suited to going into awkward angles and corners.

Some reviews compared DeWALT’s screw gun and attachment to the available Senco screw gun alternatives. A customer stated, “One of the most useful tools you can get for installing drywall.”

We began by utilising the cheap drill attachments that attach to the drill’s tip, but It was having trouble achieving excellent results. We ended up purchasing the screw gun, which made a significant difference. We chose to buy this attachment after We got the rifle, and We haven’t looked back since. It’s simple to drive nails into drywall using this tool. Due to the size and form of the attachment, it does not do a fantastic job driving nails in corners.


#05 – Best Budget Drywall Gun—Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ Brushless Drywall Screw Gun


Although Ryobi’s brushless motor screw gun is less expensive than some others, it should not be overlooked. This cordless screw gun is lightweight and easy to transport between locations and job sites, and its comfortable grip and ergonomic design make long days of screw installation a breeze.

Ryobi also included its QuietDrive technology, which creates a more comfortable acoustic environment while while conserving energy. It’s clearly designed to apply drywall with minimal power interruptions, as its battery life is designed to last two hours once charged (which should only take 40 minutes depending on the charger).

“This is only the tool; the battery pack and charger are sold separately.”

Lightweight and quiet, it’s ideal for modest projects done by a professional or a homeowner.


#06 – Best Semi-Automatic Screw Driver – WORX Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver with Screw Holder 


This ultra-compact and lightweight screwdriver may be more of a general-purpose tool, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used to install screws in drywall. The holding extension holds screws in place and many ready to go in a built-in compartment, and it just takes one hand to operate.

In addition, unlike other drywall screw guns, this driver allows you to switch out heads depending on the project. It has a lot of power, and the fast charger can fully recharge it in five hours. It is designed to keep its charge for months when not in use. Even with heavy usage, though, it is outstanding.

“Now it was primarily light to medium work, such as drilling and driving screws into drywall, putting together a few pieces of furniture, and replacing knobs.”.

We purchased the WORX WX255L after seeing it advertised online when looking for a small power screwdriver. It was excited by the prospect of having a screwdriver that could accommodate all of the pieces We needed, but I was concerned about how it would operate in practise. Definitely well-made, with easy-to-change drill bits and a replaceable cartridge that allows you to maintain multiples for different purposes.


#07 – Milwaukee 2866-20 M18 FUEL Drywall Screw Gun



Milwaukee’s cordless drywall screw gun, which is part of the M18 battery-powered tool kit, is an outstanding product that provides some significant competition.

The Autostart mechanism, which removes the need to grip the trigger every time, is what makes this rifle unique.

When you push the Auto button while holding the trigger down, the brushless motor activates when the cone makes contact with the wallboard, speeding up your drywall installation and reducing hand strain.

A additional collator attachment may be purchased to give a steady supply of screws without having to dip into your pocket. The rifle is well-balanced and easy to operate, even with the 18v battery installed, according to users.


  • Autostart technology reduces noise and increases battery life
  • Well-balanced
  • Available collated-screw attachment


  • Heavy
  • Difficult to avoid damaging drywall without experience


#08 – DEWALT 2.0AH 20-volt MAX XR Drywall Screw Gun



With the MAX XR drywall screw fun from DEWALT, you can join the battery-powered race.

For you pull the trigger on this cannon, an LED light illuminates your workstation brilliantly, which is very useful when dry-walling a closet, hall, or other confined location.

The cone-lock mechanism eliminates the need for keys or other tools to release the connection, making switching out the collar a breeze.

Perhaps best of all, you can select which MAX battery you wish to use, letting you to pick between the lighter 2 amp-hour version and the 12 amp-hour one to keep you moving all day.


  • LED light eliminates shadows
  • Easy Cone-lock makes for switching bits a breeze
  • Variety of batteries available


  • Batteries wear out with heavy use
  • Plastic housing
  • Cheap carry bag


#09 – DEWALT DW255 6 Amp Drywall Screw Gun



The DEWALT DW255 may be the correct choice for you if you’re seeking for a drywall screw gun that won’t wear out after a morning of usage.

This corded gun will never force you to pause in the middle of hanging drywall to charge or replace your battery.

It has 6 amps of power and over 4,000 RPMs, allowing it to drive in each screw with the same force, resulting in a more consistent installation that takes less time to complete.

Without dimpling the paper on the wallboard, the adjustable nose cone may be swiftly adjusted for screws of 1 1/2 inch, 2 inch, and up to 3 inch.


  • Powerful gun
  • Convenient cord for consistent performance
  • Adjustable nose piece


  • No light
  • No reverse capability
  • Get tangled in the extension cord


#10 – Makita XSF03Z 18V LXT Cordless Drywall Screwdriver



The Makita XSF03Z is the finest drywall screw gun for keeping you going all day long if you’re ready to make a major investment in your toolbox and need a screwdriver to hang drywall at your next project.

The LXT lithium-ion battery system employs patented technologies to provide fast-charging, long-lasting batteries. You’ll pay up to three times as much as you would for corded bare tools, but you’ll gain a lot of versatility in the process.

This drywall screw gun is lightweight, unlike earlier battery-powered equipment, so you won’t get tired of holding it all day. It’s like using a corded pistol since the 18-volt battery provides 4,000 RPM and lots of thrust.

For enhanced vision, other screw guns feature cutaway nose cones. It is heavier than a corded device if you don’t have sufficient upper arm strength, which might be a disadvantage for certain users.


  • Provides 4,000 RPM for fast installation
  • Batteries work with LXT tool system
  • Fast charging
  • Lightweight


  • Battery purchase doubles or triples the price
  • Heavier than corded models
  • Nose cone hides the screw from view


#11 – Senco 3″ Corded Auto-feed Screwdriver



When you’re hanging drywall every day, you’ll want a tool that’s always comfortable to grip, has all of the greatest add-ons, and is ready to go.

Senco designed the best drywall screw gun that satisfies all of these requirements. It’s corded, so it doesn’t have the added weight of a huge battery pack.

Every cannon has a built-in collator, which ensures a steady flow of screws, allowing you to keep moving forward without having to replenish. When it comes to outfitting their crews, professionals know that this brand is the go-to option.

It is more expensive than comparable corded guns, but you aren’t paying for premium features. You’ll need to acquire collator-specific drywall screws.


  • Lightweight
  • Collator built in
  • Durable and efficient


  • Expensive price tag
  • Lower RPMs/less powerful
  • Locked into using expensive screw strips


Anybody diving into their first involvement in drywall might have at first neglected these machines, particularly with the various kinds of self-boring latches and holders out there, yet they’re made on purpose.

Best Drywall Screw Gun-Buying Guide

A drywall screw firearm is an integral asset that permits you to rapidly and easily complete your drywall project. It additionally makes hanging pictures and different things on the divider substantially more easy.

The best drywall screw firearm ought to have the option to drive screws precisely without stripping them or boring pilot openings constantly. This guide will assist you with settling on the right buying choice while picking the drywall screw weapon for your requirements.

In the first place, we should start with some foundation data about these helpful devices.

  • Engine Power

Engine power is a fundamental element while considering various models of drywall screw firearms. Since it empowers you to change speed levels to forestall stripping or breaking screws while connecting with grasp frameworks that consider a more noteworthy command over how firmly each screw is crushed into the divider.

To figure out which drywall screw weapon has the most impressive engine, search for the quantity of RPMs recorded in the item portrayal; as a rule, more RPMs implies more noteworthy force.

  • Screw Length

Regularly, drywall screws are either 2 1/2 inches or 3 inches long. Make a point to pick a model with an ability to oblige no less than one Length of screw you’ll regularly utilize so you don’t need to quit attempting to change between various pieces or connections all through your venture over and again.

  • Screw Threads

Various sorts of screws have various types of strings, so anything that drywall must screw the weapon you’re seeing buying ought to be viable with any string you intend to use on your venture. There are three primary kinds of string examples to consider:

  • Nose Cone

The nose cone fits over the projectile-formed knife of the screw firearm so you can point your clasp while introducing it without parting the encompassing drywall or penetrating pilot openings. Also, they won’t turn out under high force conditions! There are three sorts accessible: standard, bi-metal and customizable.

A standard nose cone just embeds into the magazine well on your drywall screw firearm.

Bi-metal models are developed of solidified steel for strength. They self-shone to guarantee you generally have a state of the art while crashing into inflexible materials like metal studs or screws with stripped heads.

Flexible cones are spring-stacked so that when they contact the outer layer of the material you’re attaching, it’s pushed down, which decreases stripping and gives more precise driving – they can likewise be pivoted off-hub if necessary.

  • Cordless Vs. Corded drywall screw firearm

The cordless models can be utilized anyplace and don’t need a power source, yet the batteries channel rapidly and may need to be re-energized often, which can turn out to be extremely tedious during your activities. Corded models will more often than not cost more than cordless ones, yet you won’t ever need to stress over running out of battery power while dealing with enormous activities.

  • Weight

The lighter drywall screw firearms require less arm strength and weakness, So assuming you notice any distress in the muscles in your arms or shoulders while utilizing one, it very well may be excessively weighty for you, and you ought to think about utilizing a lighter model.

  • Speed and Clutch

Many models of drywall screw firearms come outfitted with customizable velocities that permit you to change the RPMs relying upon regardless of whether you are driving screws into hardwood or sheetrock. Thus, you can forestall stripping screws while changing the speed level to oblige explicit task needs. The grasp additionally takes into consideration greatest command over firmly determined screws without agonizing over breaking them during establishment.

  • Profundity Gauge

A profundity check is a fundamental component of any drywall screw firearm. This gadget guarantees that each screw is driven at the perfect point to project from a divider, making them simple for you to eliminate when required!

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