Best Drill for Mixing Thinset and Morter – There are a few highlights that are standard with regards to drills that are explicitly intended for blending various materials.

Best Drill for Mixing Thinset and Morter

#01 – DEWALT 60V MAX Cordless Drill For Mixing Thinset (DCD130B)



With its fresh new DCD130B Cordless Drill for Thinset Mixing, DeWalt, the trusted brand, has entered the construction business. It has the company’s 60V maximum battery range, which gives it a lot of power and great usefulness. It’s a great choice for mixing anything because of its wide power range.

This fantastic drill has a brushless motor, which is an intriguing feature. Those of us who use drill mixers on a daily basis know how difficult it is to replace the motor brushes. DeWalt finds a solution to your situation. This model has a long run duration because it can mix 17 buckets of tile on a single charge.

So far, We’ve made around 20 buckets of compound for texturing basement walls and ceilings. Just bought this after burning through two Dewalt 20V 980 series drills when mixing mud. You upgraded to a bigger model with slower speeds and a 60V system.

What a fantastic mixing drill, with corded power. We use this drill every day to mix cement and drywall and it never fails me. It’s all about the 60 volts.


  • Doubles the power and increased torque for precise mixing
  • Brushless motor reduces the effort
  • Long screw handle for additional comfort
  • E-Clutch system prevents injuries
  • Provides a long running time


  • The chuck size could be larger for boarded drills


#02 – BOSCH GBM9-16 9 Amp 5/8 Inch Mixer with D-Handle



Consider this excellent drill GBM9-16 9 Amp 5/8 Inch Mixer from the most renowned company BOSCH if you want something adaptable for your workplace. Its high RPMs are ideal for individuals who need a bigger chuck size or to mix products with low viscosities, such as paints and sealers.

It comes with an 8-foot rubber cable and a 3-prong bottom connector, making it one of the best thinset mixers available. The extra-long chord lets you to work from wherever, and the 3-prong ground plug ensures that thinset is mixed consistently.

The 9-ampere ball-bearing motor is fairly strong and generates great torque for mixing thinset, mortar plaster, and epoxy finish, despite the longer chord. Furthermore, the strong keyed chuck keeps the mixer from jamming. It also improves the precision with which you can drill and combine a range of materials.

Aside from that, when you consider that it has a higher speed range, a ball-bearing motor, and precision machined outfits, this tool is even more amazing. These incredible characteristics ensure that perfect mixing and drilling are achieved every time.


  • 16mm wide chuck allows adjustment of a broad range of appliances
  • The powerful motor is good enough for mixing and drilling
  • Variable speed trigger provides maximum control
  • An ideal choice for heavy-duty job sites
  • The increased speed range for wide applications


  • Lack of side handle for mounting


#03 – DEWALT Electric Drill, Spade Handle, 1/2-Inch, 9-Amp (DW130V)



Among the most well-known names in home improvement, DEWALT is at the top of the list. This electric drill has all of the functionality you’d expect in a thinset mixing drill. It has a robust 120V motor that can help you finish your thinset mixing operation quickly.

The variable speed lever mechanism, along with a directional trigger that allows you to twist the tool counterclockwise, was our favourite feature. As a result, you may easily change the pace in a variety of settings. The drill can resist a lot of wear and tear because to its tough built-in structure.

Thinset is a liquid that requires a lot of torque and a medium RPM to mix well. This machine has a high torque output and a 500 RPM middle RPM. The 120V motor, once again, is strong enough to handle any difficult project. It is fairly lightweight and simple to carry, weighing only 7.5 pounds.

This drill is great for practically any home repair activity, including drywall mud, paint, and other similar tasks. An ergonomically constructed handle allows you to operate comfortably for long periods of time. The handle is designed to provide optimum grip and a comfortable feel in your hands.


  • Comes with an elevated and powerful horsepower motor
  • The Spade handle can rotate 360° to provide maximum control
  • Offers variable speed lever
  • 3 years of manufacturing warranty
  • Lightweight and compact in design


  • Makes more noise relatively


#04 – VonHaus 10 Amp 1/2” Heavy Duty Drill Mud Mixer



Are you looking for a high-end power drill for tough jobs? The VonHaus Heavy-Duty Drill Mixer is the best option. It’s a versatile instrument that can blend a variety of different items. This high-quality drill can readily handle all severe duties, from mixing to drilling.

This corded drill mud mixer will make your work easier by providing a 700 RPM speed and increased torque. The higher the RPM, the more power is produced, resulting in constant and dependable thinset mixing. Aside from that, the rapid speed prevents the formation of air bubbles.

We discovered that the drill is one of the most versatile tools, capable of completing a wide range of tasks. Furthermore, it will please your pocketbook and provide a broad range of functions without breaking the bank. Through the variable speed lever, the built-in spade handle can rotate 360 degrees.

This variable speed trigger allows you to have complete control over the mixing process. As a consequence, you’ll be able to enjoy consistent outcomes at the same time. You’ll like the drill’s user-friendly compact form, which makes it excellent for travel.


  • Features an ergonomic soft-grip handle and a spade handle for additional tasks
  • Provides comfortable and consistent mixing
  • Highly affordable
  • Ideal for a wide variety of projects
  • Powerful motor for elevated torque


  • The spade handle comes relatively in a poor quality


#05 – DEWALT 60V MAX Cordless Drill For thinset Mixing (DCD130T1)



If you’re on a low budget but yet want top quality, the DeWalt thinset mixer Cordless Drill is the way to go. Its amazing invention of two size handles: spade handle and auxiliary handle, gives it a good choice for thinset or concrete mixing.

The auxiliary handle can swivel in three locations, while the rotating spade D handle may revolve in two directions. These two built-in handles provide you complete control over the drill, resulting in exceptional results.

This high-quality drill features the company’s 60V battery range, which increases the corded mixing drill’s power by 2x. As a consequence, the user gains sufficient strength and torque while mixing thick materials such as thinset, grout, drywall mud, and so on. You can easily mix thinset using a cordless drill.

DeWalt’s most promising drill also comes with a brushless motor, which decreases the effort required to replace the motor. Furthermore, its brushless motor is strong enough to handle any hard activity with ease.


  • Improved E-Clutch system for increased power
  • Built-in technology prevents any accidental operations
  • Suitable for mixing any thick materials
  • Can tackle any demanding applications
  • Auto shut off function prevents injuries


  • It often could be noisy


#06 – Milwaukee Thinset Mixer (2810-20 M18 FUEL) with 180 ° Handle



Our next top selection comes from Milwaukee, the most promising brand. Because of its low cost, it becomes one of the finest options for most customers. First and foremost, this drill has a high strength that allows for more precise mixing of heavy chemicals.

The greater invention of this grade drill is the premium feature of a 3-way ultimate speed control setting. In no time, this absolute speed controller allows for steady and exact mixing. Aside from that, the drill’s distinctive feature allows for easy cleaning.

We liked the strong 5Ah battery, which delivers a longer operating time than you may think. The good thing is that there is a 180-degree handle with 16 distinct adaptable settings. As a consequence, users can tailor their operational level.

Overall, if you’re looking for a suitable solution, we definitely recommend this premium-level drill. The half-inch keyed chuck size is more than adequate for optimal comfort.


  • Adjustable 16 different drill settings
  • Long keyed chuck size for added comfort
  • 180 ° handle provides additional support
  • 5Ah powerful battery for long-term operations
  • Affordable option


  • It doesn’t list peak torque


#07 – Maxxt 1/2 inch Drill and Mixer Set, with Convenient D Handle



A heavy-duty mud drill mixer from Maxxt is another excellent option on our list. It has a strong 9A motor that delivers outstanding results in everything from material mixing to drilling holes. Both forward and inverse buttons are available for complete control over the operation.

The integrated variable speed levers provide over 600 RPM. Drilling and mixing are significantly easier with this increased pace. It delivers outstanding performance and dependability when used in drilling machines. This drill produces consistent results whether combining dry mud, tile installers, plasters, painters, or even thinset.

Thanks to the auxiliary handle, which makes it easier to modify the direction. This drill is going to be a genuine king in terms of adaptability. Because it comes with a high-end half-inch keyed chuck and a variety of appliances, the tool is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Furthermore, you will like the portable machine’s lightweight design, which allows you to work with ease. It also comes with a canvas bag that will come in handy when travelling.


  • Different accessories for wide applications
  • Canvas bag for easy transportation
  • Adjustable handle for multi-position operations
  • Higher torque for consistent mixing
  • Forward and reverse button for heavy-duty drilling


  • The built quality could be better


#08 – Makita DS4000 1/2″ Spade Handle Drill



Stop reading because you’ve found the greatest mixing drills: the Makita DS4000, the Alpha, the Beast, the King, the Mother-truckin’ Makita DS4000!

This power tool’s name and motor’s purring sounds make it sound like a future laser blaster, but don’t be fooled. This amazing beast of a mortar mixer is built with old school craftsmanship and designed to withstand the apocalypse.

You can get the finest money maker in the market for a hundred bucks extra, truly mate. When all of Makita’s tools were Japanese-made and never died, they were at their best.

If you’re looking for the greatest, you’ve come to the right place.





Makita was formerly recognised for top-of-the-line goods and build quality, which ensured that its power tools never died.

They lowered the usage of quality materials in order to stay competitive in the pricing wars, and their reputation suffered as a result.

Fortunately for us, they still have a few aces under their sleeves, one of which is the DS4000 reviewed here.

It includes all of the characteristics that a professional thinset mixer and drill should have.


  • Class-Leading build quality, the moment you see it, you’ll understand
  • Best drill for large diameter and lengthy auger work
  • Low rpm, high torque motor helps it power through the densest of mixes and materials
  • Chuck is quality steel and clenches bits tight all day
  • A true professional power tool, designed to never let you down


  • The premium quality comes at a premium, making it the most expensive mud mixing drill in this review
  • At 8.8 lbs, it is the heaviest as well
  • Remind’s you of a better time when power tools weren’t cheap disposable things with a short life-span. Truly wish we had more tools like this out there






The DS4012 is a well-balanced, heavy-duty power drill that is ideal for everyday mixing and drilling tasks.

It includes all the bells and whistles you’re looking for, including a 360° D-handle, variable speed, a wide RPM range (0-600), and a strong chuck that won’t come loose. Even after a month of mud mixing, I never have to retighten it.

While the plastic case is of lower grade than the DS4000, it is of excellent quality and has shown no symptoms of damage, cracking, or wear after two years.

What matters is that the internals are solid metal. This drill has survived a handful of heavy falls over its existence.


  • Professional and heavy-duty drill for a great price
  • Variable speed makes it ideal for mixing grout and thinset without introducing excess air to the mix
  • Powers through any cement or aggregate mix without ever bogging down
  • Chuck is quality steel and holds tight forever
  • Easily located brushes make replacement easy – no need to disable the outer casing like other drills. (The DS4000 also features this.)


  • Boring design: looks like an oversized toy gun
  • No handle mount on the side, a 90° degree handle would have been great for drilling
  • No carry case included


They normally have a lot higher force capacities and a much lower by and large maximum velocity, which is better for blending at any rate to dispose of air from becoming caught in the blend and making it more fragile eventually.

Low RPMs – Typically, most bores have higher RPMs which are normally useful while sinking screws and different clasp yet with blending drills a lower RPM is attractive to keep out any undesirable air that can get caught inside the blend.

Expanded Torque – Mixing drills have a monstrous measure of force to them for stirring up a portion of the more firm material, for example, concrete, mortar, concrete, drywall mud and different materials which require more force and less generally speed.

Handles – If you investigate the majority of the blending drills out there, you’ll see that they have a few distinct handles for the client and as a rule they can be moved to various areas to oblige the clients explicit inclination.

This will assist with controlling the extremely powerful nature of these drills.

Variable Speed – Most of these power blenders will have some kind of factor speed control carried out into them. These can come as a dial, a variable speed trigger or something firmly connected with one of these choices.

These are certainly useful to have and can assist with controlling overflow of the material during the underlying blending process.

Forward/Reverse – Some drills have both a forward and invert change to change the revolution of the blending paddle.

This comes in extremely convenient on the off chance that you don’t include sufficient water and it turned out to be too solid while attempting to stir it up. Heading the contrary path can, much of the time help to separate the material and get a more intensive blend all the while.

Speed Settings – We referenced variable speed controls utilizing the different dials as well as trigger however a few drills have discretionary speed settings (typically a low and rapid) on top of the variable speed controls themselves giving you significantly more command over the blending speed.

These come in exceptionally convenient while stirring up unique materials like epoxies and pitches.

Interesting points…

There two or three interesting points while seeing what kind of blender will best suit your specific necessities. The sort of oar you use will at last give you the best outcomes relying upon what kind of material you are stirring up yet the drill is likewise a significant variable.

How about we investigate a portion of the materials that are regularly stirred up, the kind of oars that individuals use and a portion of the fundamental highlights that you ought to think about while hoping to buy another drill.

Concrete – You could involve two or three unique oars for stirring up concrete however the ones that work the best generally have minimal measure of surface region. Since you add rock to substantial will require an oar that can make it around the bigger rocks in the blend.

Notice how the blending paddle on the right has exceptionally enormous open regions and the actual oar utilizes a lot more modest surface region to stir the substantial up.

This sort of configuration will move around the sand, concrete and shakes without getting excessively stopped up.

Blending Paddle 3

Mortar, Cement, Etc. – This is the sort of oar I would suggest for mortar, concrete and different materials that utilize light weight totals.

This additionally has a modest quantity of surface region to it on the actual oar however has somewhat more than the one we took a gander at before and this will assist with stirring up the mud better without having a ton of drag while blending.

Blending Paddle 1

Epoxy/Resin – This oar is molded like a spatula which has more surface region and less unfilled space. Blending epoxy and saps requires a low blending speed and an oar that will keep air from becoming entrained inside the blend.

This takes an extraordinary kind of low speed drill and an exceptional blending oar to accomplish the outcomes that are suggested by essentially all epoxy/gum makers.

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