Best Drill for Mixing Concrete – It could get more diligently on occasion to observe a decent drill for blending materials particularly concrete. A large portion of the drills function admirably for penetrating openings however go down with regards to material blending. The explanation in light of the fact that the engine needs an additional ability to manage concrete particularly.

#01 – QEP 21665Q 120-Volt 2 Speed Power Mixer




Nearly 80 reviews and ratings for the Brutus 21665Q were found online, with an average rating of 4.3 stars out of a possible five.

The Brutus drill is made by QEP, and despite the few differences in the photographs (most notably the colour of the drill), it is the same model and virtually the same identical drill.


  • Nice Product
  • A very good mixer!


  • Not for small batches but great for mixing mortar!



#02 – Makita DS4012 Spade Handle Drill, 1/2-Inch



At the time, the Makita DS4012 had just over 50 reviews, which was plenty to get a fair idea of how it performed and what people thought of it.

Out of those ratings, it earned an overall feedback score of 4.7 out of a possible five stars, which isn’t terrible.


  • Excellent great quality Drill
  • Very powerful drill/driver that’s an outstanding value at this price


  • Plenty of power



#03 – BOSCH Bosch GBM9-16 9 Amp 5/8 Inch Mixer with D-Handle, 5 Inch by 8 Inch




The Bosch GBM9-16 had less evaluations than some of the other drills in the range, but it was still well regarded.

There were a few from Amazon, Home Depot, CPO, and a few more stores.


  • Great tools!! Great mixer!!
  • Very good tool


  • Poorly Made – Not What Bosch Used To Be



#04 – DEWALT (DCD130B) 60V MAX Cordless Drill For Mixing Concrete




The DEWALT DCD130B is a cordless drill with an e clutch that provides excellent control. Our preferred drills for mixing concrete are ranked second and third, respectively.

It runs on a 60V battery and has enough power to handle numerous mixing tasks without stuttering.

With a single time charged flex volt battery, this drill can mix up to 9 buckets of concrete, 19 buckets of premixed drywall, and up to 17 buckets separately.

The machine’s side handle allows for three distinct mixing positions. You can customise them according to your preferences or needs.

The drill’s motion control is amazing thanks to three clutch anti-rotation. It is capable of sensing motion and shutting off when necessary. When the clutch is engaged, the red LED indicator will illuminate.

Furthermore, the DEWALT DCD130B includes a variable speed trigger that aids in performance precision.

The only issue you could have is with the chuck loosening. Because it doesn’t always remain tight, you’ll want to be cautious.



#05 – BOSCH Bosch GBM9-16 9 Amp 5/8 Inch Drill For Mixing Concrete




The BOSCH GBM9-16 is our last recommendation for the best drill for Mortar mixing. This mixing drill features an extended side handle, unlike other mixing drills on the market. When executing a variety of tasks, this gives you more control.

The drill machine is powered by a powerful 9-amp motor that generates a lot of torque. Its steel gears and ball-bearing structure provide excellent no-load RPM speed. This speed ranges between 0 and 700 RPM.

This speed allows the drill to combine materials in a smooth manner. When the speed is adjusted to a high level, you may work with low viscosity materials. For mortar, however, the lower speed combined with increased torque works nicely.

It has a 58-inch chuck that boosts the drill’s compatibility with a variety of drilling and mixing attachments.

Bosch GBM9-16 offers excellent controllability because to its retractable torque control handle that can be adjusted to various locations.

Aside from all of the great features, the drill is missing a trigger lock. This can be inconvenient when combining materials. If the lock is a must-have feature for you, VonHaus 10-amp is the way to go.


  • Perfect for mixing mortar
  • Removable torque control handle
  • Good performance


  • Doesn’t last long



#06 – Edward Tools Paint and Mud Mixer for drill in 1 to 5 gallon buckets




For starters, there are no instructions included. Second, there is a protective cover with a hole at the end. That way, you’ll be able to put it away. Many people will be curious as to how you put this in a drill. After usage, just take off the protective cover and store it for wall installation. Aside from that, it’s a solid, drill-powered paint, spackle, and grout mixer. It’s high-quality and cleans up quickly after combining latex paint, spackle, or grout with hot water.

The price is right for me, and it’s a good tool. It’s simple to clean. It’s only a bit higher than a 5 gallon bucket and is ideal for mixing anything. There were no traces of rust after cleaning it and letting it air dry. really pleased with my order and the rapid delivery.

Although tiny in comparison to hardware store counterparts, it is strong, performs the job, and appears to be well manufactured.


  • Perfect mixer for homeowners, DIYers and light commercial


  • Quality is good but size is too small for mud mixing. it good for paint mixing



#07 – Edward Tools Paint Mixer Drill Attachment



This paint stirrer performs admirably. In both directions, it blends smoothly. The blades are spaced far enough apart to make cleaning a breeze. It’s also long enough to easily mix half the height of a 5 gallon bucket. Much easy to use than a paint stick, and it works better than the other stirrers We’ve tried.

Item arrived swiftly and in perfect condition for my painting job. This was being used by a contractor to mix tiny amounts of plaster, and it appeared to be easy to clean. The water-based paint I was using was simple to clean. To clean the mixer, We simply submerged it in water and turned on my drill. This was an excellent buy.

For a gallon of paint, this is excellent! I don’t believe it’s capable of anything more. For a 5 gallon bucket, it isn’t long enough or wide enough around the edges. Still, it’s ideal for the task at hand, and that’s all that matters.


#08 – Better Boat Resin Mixer Epoxy Mixer and Paint Mixer Drill



This is a very basic tool. To mix product, it connects directly to a drill. We ‘ve just used it for chemical mixtures in the yard, but it’s a well-made blender that’s durable and accomplishes exactly what you’d expect. For a 5 gallon spray tank, the depth was ideal. We imagine it would be ideal for a fast paint re-blend.

The merchant provided excellent delivery. The product was delivered on time. This is an excellent mixer.

We know it’s supposed to be used for paintings, but I used it for mortar and it worked well!! Abs are quite simple to clean.

It was purchased for epoxy, and it mixes the thick resin well, and the resin peels easily once it has dried. It is compatible with both of my drills.


  • Great!
  • This is a great paint mixer!


  • Would buy again from this company


#09 – Bates- Helix Paint Mixer, 11.8 Inch


This mixer is excellent in bringing settled paint from the bottom of one gallon paint cans to the surface. We haven’t tried it on epoxy, resin, or anything else but latex paint. Attaching to my cordless drill was a breeze. It’s simple to clean. You can’t go wrong at this pricing point. A+

With the exception of a few burrs from the plastic casting, this mixer looks great! On these mixers, We’ve encountered cases where the shaft has been bent, yet the metal seems sturdy and runs true. I’m concerned that a plastic cap on the tip of the head (presumably where they screwed the head onto the shaft) may fall off one day, but it feels secure and probably cemented so far.


  • Shaft is nice and straight!
  • Quality product for the price
  • Great for one gallon paint can
  • Very useful for stirring a full gallon of paint


  • This mixer does a great job of bringing up settled paint from the bottom of one gallon paint cans


#10 – Paint Mixer for Drill – Extra Long Rust Proof Drill Mixer



Now That The Project Is Complete, It’s Time For Your Least Favorite Part: Cleaning! Fortunately, this Drill Mixing Paddle will also save you time at the end of your project. It’s simple to clean, and most materials simply wash away from the drill mixer attachment, allowing you to focus on admiring your work.

2 Pack This mixing drill bit’s Shank Is Hexagonal For A Secure Fit And To Prevent Slipping. When using an epoxy mixer or a power concrete mixer, have faith in your tools. Concentrate on the job at hand and don’t be concerned about the mixer becoming loose or detaching from the drill.


  • Works great!
  • Good quality…. Very impressed….


  • They mix quick and are easy to clean! No complaints here

Buying Guide For Drills Used For Mixing Concrete

However, while going to buy a substantial blender drill that is similarly helpful for both boring and blending, you can without much of a stretch become confused about what includes precisely to search for in an entirely working drill. To annihilate your examination hustle, we’ve kept a rundown of the best drill for blending concrete.

Blending materials like mortar, concrete, and dry-set mortar, and so on is definitely not a simple work. An underpowered and frail engine can’t do much in such a manner. You want to have a drill which is a work pony and manages the occupation productively. We have accumulated a rundown of a few significant highlights. You ought to consider them to track down the best drill for blending concrete.

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Turn Speed

The turn speed of a drill is one of the critical variables to consider. The pivot speed of a blender drill is estimated in cycles each moment. An ideal engine can convey more than 700 revolutions each moment. However, on the off chance that this much reach isn’t under financial plan you can likewise get the one that conveys to 500 RPM.

We Also Compared, Dewalt or Milwaukee

Not at all like revolutions each moment, Speed has an alternate case. Slow speed is the most appropriate for blending materials with low thickness like lightweight cement. Then again, rapid turns out impeccably for weighty positions like blending thick materials like stone work.

Blending limit

To check the blending limit, it’s regularly looked at that the number of kilos of material the drill can blend at a time. A great deal of organizations ordinarily notice the normal limit of the items on the bundling.

 Assuming you utilize the less limited machine with a lot of material, it might cause the overheating and consumption of the engine. Along these lines, to keep away from any kind of misfortune, pick your substantial blender drill according to the prerequisite of your work.

Ergonomic Design

The development of the drill concludes that holding it and handling it is so agreeable. AN ergonomic plan ought to continuously be your need particularly with regards to handles. You need to work with it for quite a while, so in the event that the material of the handles isn’t delicate, you ought to effortlessly figure that it will give you some tough time for taking care of.

Forward and Reverse Motion

Not at all like other customary drills, a blender drill functions admirably with forward and turn around force. This double movement makes it simpler for the screws to drive quicker without making any harm to the screws. Also, this changing twist movement can blend the material perfectly well. It dodges obstruct ups and hinders in the materials while blending.

Variable Speed Controls

The variable speed controls in a blender drill are of incredible use. You can change the speed of the machine according to the materials request. It assists with staying away from air pockets and structures creation while blending materials. The explanation in light of the fact that with a no factor speed button you can’t wicked good or change the speed. In this way, it’s smarter to favor the drill with variable speed controls.


To wrap things up, attempt to pick the drill which is profoundly strong. Blending concrete is an undertaking that requires forceful execution from the machine. So in the event that it conveys high power and RPM speed, the development of the drill should be strong with high sturdiness. Else, the parts will begin destroying. This will make your drill terminate prior suffocating the entirety of your speculation.

Prior to going to our last considerations, you can consider all the above elements to pick the blending drill for you. Additionally, we have tried these picks in our studio to give a superior decision on it.

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