Best Drill Bits for Cast Iron 2022 – Drilling instrument is the ideal equilibrium of strong metal and our inspiration is to dig inside it.

Whenever the drill will make a power using an internal instrument, it conveys the power against the cast iron metal.

Best Drill Bits for Cast Iron 2022

Best Drill Bits for Cast Iron 2022

#01 – Hymnorq Metric Cobalt Steel M35 Drill Bits



These pieces work well and as advertised… not sure why someone would say they’re too small…the bits are exactly as described… If you are looking for bigger diameter bits, We recommend that you read the product description before purchasing it.

The size is mentioned in a lot of the bad reviews… not sure whether people understand what 32nds of an inch means, but they are tiny. We got the metric since We required a 2.5mm drill bit in particular.

M35 cobalt is used to construct the Hymnorq Metric. The circular Hymnorq M35 drill bit is made of a steel and cobalt alloy, making it extremely robust and long-lasting.

There are 50 drill bits in all, each of which is distinct in size. That is, you will have a variety of bits to cut through various surfaces and materials.

Furthermore, the drill bit has a 135 quick-cut tip for fast and smooth drilling.


  • Ideal for many types of materials
  • Wide range and drill bits
  • Easy to use


  • A bit small for some tasks
  • Break often

#02 – POWERTEC QDB2012 Cobalt Drill Bit


We’ve been using cobalt drill bits for more than 20 years, and these 1/16″ cobalt bits are the greatest value. When drilling wrought iron and 304 stainless steel on a drill press, We kept breaking HSS and TiN bits, but since switching to cobalt, We haven’t damaged a single bit.

These are fantastic pieces. had some 3/8 galvanised steel to drill, and We got additional bits because the other ones We used didn’t make it through all of my boat lift brackets. We changed all the way since We was weary and running out of gas made drilling easier.

These are the greatest drill bits We’ve ever used. We purchased the 12-piece set for a stainless steel job, anticipating to utilise four to six parts. In the end, We utilised one bit to cut the same amount of material that six to eight titanium coated bits would have cut for me at quadruple the cost.

These drills are long-lasting. blacksmith, and We needed a long-lasting drill for jewellery. These are effective.


  • Easy to sharpen
  • Durable
  • Do not break or bend
  • Ideal for both keyless and keyed drills


  • No carrying case



#03 – Bosch Cobalt M42 C014B Drill Bit Set


Always proceed slowly and use curtting oil. Keep the bit and the metal from getting too hot. It also works on wood, but just the cheapest portions. When drilling steel, you want excellent tools. This is a lime.

It’s important to note that some sections are difficult. Everything that is hard is fragile. Take it easy and you’ll be fine.

The pieces are fantastic and will last a long time. We have a vast collection of low-cost parts. Trying to drill through 1/4″ plate and concrete for tapcons over my head. These made the task a hundred times easier. This was money wisely spent. Negative reviews could be the result of improper drilling; steel = slow and high pressure with oil or any bit, regardless of quality, will be ruined.

These pieces are razor-sharp, and unlike another pair We purchased a few months back, they perform exactly what they say. We  needed to drill through some pretty hard aluminium and none of my other bits would work, but these worked perfectly. It would suggest these… the packing (plastic case) is also quite decent.


  • Thick design for stability
  • Durable
  • Heat-resistant


  • A bit pricy
  • Brakes sometimes


#04 – Rannb End Mill Cutting Dia Drill Bits


We got these milling bits to use with my 3040-style CNC router to cut plastic. When cutting machinable epoxy, quite impressed with their quality (Epoxacast 655). For reaching deep into pockets, using them practically to their entire length.

They deflect quite a little, but that’s to be anticipated for such a long piece, and it’s nothing that one extra finishing pass can’t fix. I’m really happy with my purchase and will be purchasing more.

This was used as a backup to the more costly Freud router bit. It just goes 1/4″ deep, but it works perfectly. For complicated routing jobs, it makes clean cuts and is quite sturdy!!! Obtain it!!!

We needed some 10mm mills for a titanium project We was working on soon. These arrived quickly and were just as described – crisp and precise. It was happy to locate these on Amazon, and It was able to use them in conjunction with some 10mm drills.

So far, everything has gone well. So far, We’ve just used one piece on around ten 4×7 signs, and it shows no symptoms of dulling.


  • Great design
  • Tough and durable
  • Smooth and fast drilling
  • Easy to use


  • Only one piece


#05 – BeHappy Cobalt Drill Bit Set



We occasionally have to drill into steel, and drilling a hole appears to take an eternity. So We looked up Cobalt drill bits on the internet and discovered that they are supposed to make drilling through steel considerably simpler.

They were absolutely correct! We recently tried out these Cobalt drill bits and was blown away by how much time We was able to save! We just received these, so not sure how long they’ll last or how tough they’ll be. But We can assure you that when drilling through steel, they save a lot of time.

These are the parts you’ll need to work with hardened and difficult metals. When We know drilling will be difficult or impossible with high-speed steel or titanium-coated bits, these are my go-to drill bits. These are well worth the money, since they will save you time and money in the long term!

Without a doubt, the greatest drillbits We’ve ever bought. Drilled effortlessly through the tough metal of my knife handles. Bits that are both durable and of good quality.


  • Ideal for rough and soft materials
  • Easy to wear
  • Multiple drill bits
  • Smooth cutting effects


  • A bit bulky


#06 – COMOWARE Cobalt Drill BIT Set


This drill bit set has exceeded my expectations. It contains all of the sizes that We require for everyday use. It drills really well. The quality is excellent. The pricing is fantastic! This is something We would suggest to everyone.

Drill bits of excellent quality that may be used on steel and aluminium. They are extremely sharp and of high quality.

So far, the pricing and quality have been satisfactory. In comparison to the ones We usually buy at Home Depot, pleased with the drilling performance.

Very good quality. It was perfect for my black decker! The dimensions are also accurate.

Arrived three days early, and for the price, even if We only use them once, it’s a good deal!

It’s always a good idea to keep a nice set of bits in the toolbox. These are quite effective.


  • 15 pieces available
  • Highly durable
  • Compact and easy to carry


  • Not ideal for cutting wood and plastic


#07 – Amoolo 13 Pcs Cobalt Drill Bit Set


IF YOU’RE DRILLING THROUGH STAINLESS: Years of experience have taught me that drilling through stainless or other high-density metals requires going slowly and using solid pressure. To get a guide-dimple, first strike the metal with a centre punch. To make things easier, start with a little bit, such as 1/8″ or 9/64″ if feasible. Then slowly increase the pressure on the bit until it begins to chew the metal out.

The latest drill bits on the market today are HORRIBLE in comparison to the ones We’ve purchased and used over the years. Particularly in the SMALL sizes. We tried Bosch, Dewalt, and other brands, but they were useless. They are a swindle.

We’ve been working on a van makeover that necessitates a lot of drilling into the inside metal and supports. We’ve drilled a lot of holes, and none of them have dulled or broken. That’s saying a lot considering a tool snob who gets irritated easily.


  • Heat-resistant
  • Great price
  • Fast and smooth drilling experience
  • Makes hole on the hardest materials


  • No case included


#08 – Ludopam Drill Bit Set



My wife wants me to drill holes in puka shells so she may thread them together to make jewellery. These shells are tough, and We’ve damaged a lot of drill bits trying to drill them out. We figured We’d give it a shot because it was considerably less expensive than going to the local hardware shop.

They’re good bits; We almost exclusively drill tool steel and high carbon stainless, specifically CPMS45VN. The issue is that these drill bits are not 3/32″ in diameter. They are #41 bits and measure 0.096 to 0.097. We I should have measured beforehand, but now dealing with some big holes.

So far, We’ve just utilised one bit. We  drilled 12 holes in a length of galvanised fence, each approximately 3/8″ in diameter, and it worked well. They are a terrific lot for the price for me because We frequently break the smaller drill bits.

We are gradually replacing all of my HSS drills as they wear out. With the prices of these replacements, there’s no need to spend time resharpening drills.

They function as indicated and are mostly used for wood. Despite the fact that it comes with 10, We only use one. It performed admirably and lasted a long time. We had no problems with the drill bits at all.


  • 10 drill bits
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use


  • No carrying case
  • Brakes easy


#09 – LU&MN HSS Jobber M35 Cobalt Drill Bit


The angle iron from the faulty frame is a strong, high-carbon steel that burnt or blunted several of the so-called metal pieces We tested.

New to heavy metal drilling and have learnt to drill SLOWLY with lubrication and only a few pounds of power on the drill press. “Slow Down Or Stop” is what “Smoke” symbolises.

Working on a landscaping job over the weekends. Two 12″ steel Ibeams and 2x8s were used to construct a footbridge. To fix the wood decking, drill two holes every 6″ on each end. As a test, We purchased Bosch, Dewalt, and these pieces. We was startled to learn that one of these pieces was responsible for half of the effort. We used one of these to complete after the other half burnt through the other specified “name brand” components.

If you predrill and start the screws before trying to attach the balusters, the process will move considerably faster. The operation moves swiftly when one person starts the screws and another person instals the balusters. The size of these bits was ideal for predrilling.


  • Easy to carry
  • Heat resistant
  • Affordable price


  • Too short
  • Not great for stainless steel


#10 – SPKLINE Cobalt Drill Set


We expected them to be garbage because I’m from China. They do, however, cut rather well!

Spend a few dollars more and acquire a name-brand item…

Half of the bits are too little to be of any use and would shatter off at the slightest provocation…basically Chinese garbage in a drill box.

Very great; We’d want to order from you again in the not-too-distant future.


#11 – Mtsooning Twist Drill Bit Set



We bought these for an epoxy project my daughter is working on. We appreciated how sharp they are and how quickly they sank into the cloth. You can’t whine about the price every time they break a little. We can’t comment on how well they work on metal because as We haven’t tried them yet. We ‘ll update the review as soon as We have more information. They’re fantastic on both wood and epoxy.

We can’t say We dislike them for what they are; just be aware that they are really little. That said, they appear to be adequate for whatever purpose they’re being used for, and they arrived swiftly and in a lovely case.

The Mtsooning Twist Drill Bit Set is constructed of robust steel Mtsooning drill bit for cast iron that guarantees stability and performance.

Furthermore, the chosen material offers the finest mix of wear resistance, tear resistance, and strength. In both light and heavy drilling applications, it drills clean and accurate holes.


  • Abrasion and heat resistant
  • Multiple drill bits
  • Highly durable


  • Cheap carrying case


Drill Bits for Cast Iron Buying Guide

The resistant intense nature of it makes each infiltrating task reasonable that we had never experienced. The best exhausting apparatuses for cast iron go with the shocking components yet we are perplexed to see its versatility.

In any case, it isn’t sensitive in any capacity. Winds up, the gadget became lightweight and prepared to prevent overheating while simultaneously making contacts. A critical number of us look for exhausting mechanical assembly that comes for the workmanship work.

We will unequivocally confine you to ponder this. Since the cast iron will be completely hurt with its wide woodwinds.

FAQs on Best Drill Bits for Cast Iron


  • Will Cast Iron be bored and tapped?

Answer: Metals and chips are the side-effect of solid metal. Be that as it may, they are little yet sufficient so the drill tip will separate. Here is the reason, when your drill will go through the hard spot, then, at that point, center more around the drill tips. Trying to tap the opening will be a breeze to save the guts.

  • Is cobalt or titanium boring apparatus better?

Answer: While contrasting Titanium bores and Cobalt bores, the Cobalt appears better to manage the harder materials. Then again, Titanium works better to serve the milder articles like plastic, wood and light metals.

  • Will a Sawzall cut cast iron line?

Answer: Sawzall is a sort of responding saw which is really great for cutting hard metals with the exception of rocks. So you might consider it to use against PVC and any kind of metals. For the wood cutting, it invests in some opportunity to slice through without a hitch.

  • What’s the most effective way to cut project press?

Answer: You can cut cast iron in numerous ways, however with regards to cutting with the accuracy under least human exertion then, at that point, utilizing a boring apparatus would be a shrewd choice. Nonetheless, it is less strong contrasted with any precious stone saw sharp edge however it is undeniably more exact and all the more critically, it won’t play with the garbage.

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