Best Drill Bit for Drilling Out Locks 2022 – Bores that are equipped to deal with taking care of metal surfaces contain unique coatings or are made of specific materials that can deal with the grinding, hotness, and obstruction the piece faces when entrusted with penetrating into metal.

Bits made of delicate carbon instrument steel are not used for this sort of work and can break under tension or result in harmed devices and injury.

With regards to bits that can deal with this sort of serious penetrating, you’ll need to be looking through bits produced using High-Speed Steel (HSS) and Cobalt High-Speed Steel. The last option is more solid for harder metals, like cast iron, while the previous improves gentler materials. 

Best Drill Bit for Drilling Out Locks 2022

#01 – HSS Black and Gold Coated Twist Drill Bits


The blade of HSS Twist Drill Bits is tempered and polished for precision, and the chatter-free design with staggered chopping teeth enables precise countersinking and clean holes. The split point tip and twist design boost cutting speed while preventing wandering with simple self-centering.

Say goodbye to pieces and particles, as the drill bit’s rotating design swiftly clears them out, leaving a clean, smooth hole. Choose the traditional high-speed metal frame with a brilliant finish for proven capabilities and endurance.

These have performed nicely for drilling rivet holes in my standard vehicle, and they appear to be durable. We ‘ve only had one catch that resulted in my being snapped in two. They get dull a bit sooner than We expected, which is why We gave them a four-star rating.

Quite good I’m having trouble finding drill bits that last as long as they used to. We had just begun buying bits from HF because of this, and glad We did.


  • Copper body
  • Zinc alloy
  • Smoother
  • Professional usage


  • Not for left hand
  • Some drills contain holes


#02 – LudoPam 1/8 Inch Cobalt Drill Bit Set



It all depends on how many holes you want to drill. Much of any drill bit should sufficient for a single place in the LudoPam M35 HSS Twist Jobber before it turns dull. This tool consists of a set of extremely small drill bits made of High-Speed Steel, which is far too soft to scratch or etch glass. If you drill a hole in a 1/2′′ stainless steel bolt for a cotter pin.

You may produce wonderful long spirals of waste products without overheating your LudoPam M35 HSS Twist Jobber if you keep the speed modest. Surprisingly, the pieces are slightly larger than the specified size of 7/64′′.

These should be.109′′ in diameter, but a micrometre reveals that they are.116′′, or.007′′ greater. It’s almost certainly metric. Because tiny parts break, buying a multipack like this is incredibly cost-effective, and it’s nice to have a lot of more than one on hand at all times.

Applications for mobile and fixed devices HSS-Co Drill Bit Set for Stainless Steel with 135 Degree Split Point Tip Aluminum, wood, malleable metal, and iron may all be drilled using the Ludlum M35 HSS Twist Jobber.


  • High quality
  • Professional usage
  • High speed


  • Need care
  • Less length
  • Material restriction


#03 – IVY Classic 04188 5-Piece Cobalt Steel Drill Bit Set



Cobalt is used in IVY Classic 04188. This 5-piece drill set includes 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, and 3/8-inch drill bits. These jobber length bits include a 135-degree split point that enables for speedy penetration and perfect self-centering. These parts are packaged in a sturdy plastic container with the sizes clearly labelled. Cobalt is a vital component in almost all drill bits. Furthermore, not all drill bits are made of high-quality Cobalt. Cobalt Steel was greatly improved and gold-finished to maintain hardness at high temperatures and to withstand abrasion and heat from difficult-to-machine metals.

IVY Classic Industries is dedicated to producing a wide range of high-quality power tool parts and hand tools. With IVY Classic 04188, constructed of Cobalt Steel, drill stainless steel, heavy steel, wood, and plastic. Our recommendation is drill bits made of high-quality Cobalt. The high-quality cobalt structure provides an even higher level of speed. You’ll be able to crack the locks faster if the bits rotate faster.

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The IVY Classic 04188 is an excellent choice for house and trim level drilling.


  • Smoother
  • Sturdy body
  • Good quality


  • Corded
  • Small length


#04 – DRILLFORCE20 1/8″ Round Shank Twist Drill Bits for Metal


1/8′′ Inch DRILLFORCE20, suited for drilling mild steel, copper, aluminium, zinc alloy, and other metals. High-speed steel Cobalt-M 35 Cobalt Steel is a high-quality material. The finest material available. High-Efficiency Metal and Stainless Steel Drilling

Drilling through brass and nickel rifle casings is a breeze with DRILLFORCE20. You’ll be surprised at how well the drill sliced through the nickel, especially when compared to titanium drill bits. DRILLFORCE20 drills a 1/16′′ pilot hole with the same bits since it’s easier to keep track of them that way.

The angle of the tips of DRILLFORCE20 usually reflects whether they will penetrate tougher or softer surfaces. Locks are frequently rough and uneven on the exterior. For drilling out the waves, drill bits with a larger and sharper angular tip are appropriate. A larger angle of the split efficiently prevents walking and discharge damage. Take pleasure in the softly drilled holes.

The DRILLFORCE20 is excellent for use at home and in small to medium-sized workplaces. Its ability to penetrate a variety of materials makes it a multi-purpose drill.


  • Round shank
  • Long drill
  • High-quality
  • Efficient and smooth


  • Corded
  • Drilling restrictions
  • Not for long drilling length



#05 – NEIKO 10037A Left Hand Drill Bit Set



The NEIKO 10037A drill bit set is comprised of high-speed steel with a titanium nitride coating, which gives it a high hardness value that allows it to pierce difficult materials while also being exceptionally robust and reducing friction between the bit and the workpiece.

The twist design of NEIKO 10037A drill bits helps to increase cutting speed. The drill bit’s angled tip has a 135-degree split point for precise self-centering and is designed to cut holes faster by reducing straying and removing chips and particles faster. For household repairs, vehicle garage maintenance, and more, the left-hand design may be utilised with bidirectional drills and screw extraction methods to remove damaged components and screws, bolts, and screws.

Every bit in the NEIKO 10037A Cobalt Drill has its own hole in a drill bit container with size index indicators for easy organisation and storage, whether you’re working on your home or moving.

The DEWALT Cobalt Drill DWA1240 is a professional-level drilling tool that can be used for huge tasks, and it has left-hand flexibility.


  • Connectable accessories
  • Reverse twist
  • Left-hand functionality


  • Corded
  • Heavy
  • High cost


#06 – IRWIN Screw Extractor for Spiral Screws


Broken rivets, bolts, sockets, and fasteners are all contained in the IRWIN Screw Extractor, which may be used to remove the connections. Spiral shape gives the left hand more gripping power. Easy-out spiral flutes embed progressively to aid grip as critical stress intensity increases. The extractor size and optimum drill bit size are etched on each instrument.

The package includes spiral flute screw centrifugal pumps EX-1, EX-2, EX-3, EX-4, and EX-5, as well as drill bits 5/64′′, 7/64′′, 5/32′′, 1/4′′, 19/64′′, and a metal reference case. If you don’t have a punch, make a beginning hole using the shortest drill bit in this set. Alternatively, you may carve a slot through the bolt with a Dremel tool, similar to a bayonet screwdriver slot.

As the IRWIN Screw Extractor drills, the spiral flutes penetrate deeper and deeper into the metal. This aggressive design promotes grip as pressure develops to provide a quick removal force. Bite into materials with higher torque. The flutes get more entrenched with each rotation. The size of each tool is inscribed on it for easy identification. The IRWIN Screw Extractor set comes with five extractors and five drill bits, making it an excellent starter kit for fastener removal. For added gripping force, the ten-piece Drill Bit Set boasts an extreme left-hand design.

The IRWIN Screw Extractor is an excellent choice for home users and small-scale applications such as personal usage.


  • Great design
  • Powerful
  • Easy-grip


  • Corded
  • Small level drilling
  • Less efficient



#07 – DEWALT Cobalt Drill Bit Set with Pilot Point



Dewalt’s products are the go-to choice for many people because to their dependability and great performance. And the same holds true for the set we’re going to look at.

The overall structure is one of the things that makes this one stand out. The bits are made of high-quality cobalt metal. Because of the substance, they have a greater level of durability, which means they will endure a long period without breaking down.

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These have PILOT POINT tips in addition to the building material. They are able to provide clean cuts because of their design. For them, the level of precision is likewise commendable. As a result, gaining access to the locking mechanisms will be simple.

The tips also guarantee that breakthrough lock-up is kept to a minimum. Furthermore, they are capable of operating at extremely high speeds. As a result, drilling out a master lock with them will only take a few minutes. These are very effective on hard materials like stainless steel.

A proprietary brit-bar is also included in the devices. This particular design will make customising the drill placement a breeze.


  • Made of high-quality cobalt
  • Utilizes PILOT POINT tips
  • Offers clean cuts
  • Pretty accurate
  • Has a patented brit-bar design


  • Some of the smaller bits are pretty brittle
  • Does not work that well on galvanized metal


#08 – Drill America Reduced Shank Cobalt Drill Bit



Even though most companies provide a variety of bits, you may not require all of them to drill out a storage cylinder lock. That is why Drill America is selling units separately.

As previously stated, the manufacturer sells pieces individually. There are 41 distinct alternatives to choose from, and you’ll be able to find the one you need for drilling out the lock you can’t get into. Because of this, there will be no need to worry about storing a huge number of units.

Aside from that, the units are manufactured of premium cobalt. As a result, they may spin at breakneck speeds. They also bring the material’s capabilities up to a greater degree. These are capable of swiftly cutting through a variety of metals. It will not be required to spend too much time drilling out the lock.

Aside from that, the upper surface has been treated with gold oxide. The units will be able to perform at a greater level as a result of the coating. They can also withstand abrasion quite well because to the coating. You’ll be able to utilise these for a long time.

Finally, the tip’s 135-degree split point prevents walking. Furthermore, the fluted spiral form will effectively expel the chips.


  • Available in 41 different sizes
  • Can spin extremely fast
  • Has a gold oxide treatment
  • Utilizes a 135 degrees split point tip
  • Efficiently evacuates the chips


  • Coating rubs off pretty easily
  • Dulls relatively quickly on hard metals


#09 – LudoPam Cobalt Drill Bit for Hardened Steel



Are you seeking for a tool that can quickly drill out locks? Do you want a bit that won’t overheat? Well, it’s likely that you were seeking for this one, which LudoPam has to give.

First, let’s take a look at the overall structure of the units. To achieve a high-speed characteristic, they are made of 5% cobalt steel. This implies that drilling a lock out of a filing cabinet will take a lot less time. Furthermore, the material is of great grade, making the units extremely long-lasting.

Aside from being extremely robust, the material can also withstand heat. In fact, even if you operate for an extended period of time, the heat resistance ability is so effective that it will seldom overheat. It can also withstand abrasions quite well, extending its lifespan even more.

These have a 135 degree split point at the tip. This particular tip design works well in terms of reducing walking. It also ejects chips and drilled particles more quickly. As a result, the odds of a clog while drilling out locks are quite slim.

Finally, because the material is HSS standard, you may use it on a variety of metals. From stainless steel to cast iron, they should be able to pierce through them all.


  • Constructed of sturdy cobalt
  • Spins quickly
  • Highly resistant to heat
  • Can resist abrasions
  • Features a 135 degrees split point


  • Some of the sizes are too wide
  • Bits are comparatively short


#10 – DRILLFORCE20-piece Cobalt Twist Drill Bits


These are worth buying for breaching locks since they are quite efficient at drilling metals. And this set from DRILLFORCE is an excellent illustration of such units.

It starts out with a 20-bit bundle. There are a variety of sizes to choose from as well. Each of the units is made of HSS cobalt, which allows them to rotate at a quicker rate. These may also deliver a commendable heavy-duty performance owing to their substance.

Aside from that, the devices may work with a variety of metals. These will make drilling out stainless steel and other mild metal locks a breeze. They also perform quite well on hardened steel. Furthermore, due to the high-speed nature of the drilling activities, they will not take long.

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These parts, like some of the others, have a 118-degree split point. That style of tip creates efficient contact with the surface, reducing the amount of walking required. Also, the holes are going to be exceptionally precise because of such a design.

In addition, due of the design, the holes will be quite exact. They can withstand abrasion thanks to the gold coating on the outside. To put it another way, these are going to last a long time.


  • Comes in a set of 20
  • Made of HSS cobalt
  • Rotates quickly
  • Makes efficient contact with the surface
  • Highly efficient on different metals


  • Does not include a durable case
  • Tip is comparatively less sharp



Purchasing Guide for The Best Drill Bit for Drilling Out Locks 2022

Several things should be to you before you hop directly into a buy choice. By figuring those in, you would have the option to productively examine the units and settle on the ideal decision. In this way, moving right along, let us view the things that you ought to consider prior to purchasing.

Development Material

Practically all of the boring tools that are for penetrating out locks are made of cobalt. Nonetheless, the nature of the cobalt will differ a ton starting with one contribution then onto the next. Some will have greater cobalt, while some will use low-standard ones. Our proposal would generally be the ones that are of great cobalt.

The purpose for that proposal would be that the excellent ones normally have a more significant level of speed. What’s more, the quicker the units will pivot, the more modest how much time you would need to spend to break the locks. These pieces are best for boring out broken bolts, wheel studs, hard metal, and tempered steel. Furthermore, they will keep going for a long time also.

The Coating

Aside from the development material, the covering on a superficial level plays an incredible part in solidness. Typically, a large portion of them will have a gold covering. This covering makes an appropriate showing in the opposing scraped spot. Therefore, the pieces accomplish a more elevated level of life expectancy and can work ideally for a long measure of time.

Furthermore, a portion of the coatings can make these endure a more elevated level of heat. With those, you would have the option to bore the locks for a delayed measure of time without confronting any presentation vacillations.

The Tip

Something else that should be in your thoughts is the tip. Ensure that it has a parted plan, or there will probably be a great deal of strolling. It can likewise not connect with the surface, which will ultimately bring about wasteful boredom.

On that note, you should actually look at the point of the split. The higher the score, the better. Generally, the tips with a higher point of the split can forestall strolling and discharge chipping proficiently. Thus, the boring ought to go without a hitch.

How to penetrate a lock?

To penetrate out a lock, you would require an able drill machine and a viable bore. Turn the machine on by introducing the cycle on the head and drill through the center. When the switches get bored out, the lock ought to be opened.

With the best boring tools for penetrating out locks, boring out the locks you lost admittance to will turn into an easy errand. Also, we can guarantee you that every one of the units that we took a gander at are actually that. Along these lines, pick any of them with full certainty.

However there are a lot of strategies to sidestep a lock, karma probably won’t be your ally constantly. Also, when the karma isn’t in support of yourself, the bypassing cycles will generally not work. In any case, there is one final retreat that is ensured to work! Indeed, we are looking at penetrating the lock.

Notwithstanding, with the normal pieces, you won’t gain a lot of headway. All things considered, what you want is the best boring apparatus for penetrating out locks. Those ought to can crash through the locking instrument and in the end open it. You ought to approach within quite effectively.

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