Best Air Compressor Under 100 – One ought to have a lot of familiarity with compact air blowers, including how it works, its sorts, wind current, and other fundamental elements to consider while buying. You can observe this data in this purchasing guide that can be very convenient for picking wonderful one.

Best Air Compressor Under 100

#01 – Husky 8G 150 PSI Hotdog Air Compressor




Every air compressor on our list has some distinguishing features that help it stand out in a crowded product area. Husky’s hot dog air compressor is a low-cost choice that drew our attention originally because to its large 8-gallon tank capacity.

This model came in second place for best budget air compressor, and it was only by the tiniest of margins.

The 8-gallon tank wasn’t the only thing that persuaded us of this compressor’s worth. It also has wheels and a long handle, making it simple to move around while working without risking a back injury. That’s a good thing, because at little over 80 pounds, this machine is very hefty.

This machine is oil-free, making it easy to keep it and yourself clean while working. It’s also pretty quiet when you use it, delivering an average of 83 dB while you work.

There are a few flaws with this compressor. It’s a little on the heavier side, as we’ve already noted. Also, heavier goods may take a long time to air, so it’s best to use at home than than on the job site.

Given that this is a cheap air compressor, it’s not unexpected that parts wear out a bit faster than you’d anticipate on a more costly model.


  • Comes with wheels and handle
  • Max 150 PSI
  • Large 8-gallon tank
  • Low noise


  • Heavy – approximately 60 pounds
  • Parts may wear quickly



#02 – Husky 1 Gal. Portable Electric-Powered Silent Air Compressor




Husky’s 1-gallon air compressor is ideal for those seeking for a low-cost, portable air compressor. It’s a steal at under $100 and an excellent option if you’ve been thinking about getting an air compressor for around the house.

This air compressor is one of the quietest and lightest on the market today. It’s very straightforward to use, with only a few simple controls that don’t take a long time to understand.

This Husky 1-gallon air compressor offers a lot of amazing features for a low-cost air compressor. It weighs only 27 pounds, making it really portable in every sense of the term.

It’s also incredibly quiet, as we said earlier – at only 60 decibels, this machine is certainly the quietest model we’ve tested. The machine’s body is primarily steel, making it fairly durable, and it features rubber handles for added comfort when carrying it.

We were unable to give this machine a better grade due to a few flaws. To begin with, it is a corded type, which means you will need to have electricity nearby to operate it. With a motor that only produces 0.5 horsepower, it isn’t the most powerful air compressor on the market today. The 1-gallon tank is also a disappointment.


  • Weighs just 27 pounds
  • Quiet operation
  • Rugged steel design
  • Rubber comfort grips


  • Only 0.5 horsepower
  • Small 1-gallon air tank



#03 – Viair 98 Compressor Kit



The Viair 98C air compressor is a competent equipment that may be utilised for a wide range of DIY projects. It’s one of the most affordable air compressors on the market, and while it lacks many extra capabilities, it performs what it’s designed to do: deliver compressed air when you need it.

It is one of the safest compressors for home usage since it has a built-in thermal overload protector. The Viair 98C utilises 13 amps, which is sufficient for common chores like inflating tyres or guest beds.

What we enjoyed best about this compressor, though, was how quiet and light it was. It’s only 3 pounds and runs at 34 decibels, so you can carry it with you everywhere you go and work without disturbing anybody else in the home.

The lack of pressure gauges to monitor internal pressure and airflow is a significant disadvantage of this compressor. It can also only fill 1-gallon tanks at the most. It also has a low max pressure of 130 PSI, which is disappointing.


  • Weighs only 3 pounds
  • Quiet operation at 34 decibels
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use


  • No pressure gauges



#04 – EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump, Digital Tire Inflator




This was purchased for usage in the event of a roadside emergency. We finally tried it out, but it won’t pump the tyres. We got it in case we needed one on the road, but it didn’t function the first time we needed it. All it did was get incredibly hot and smell like smoke after I followed the directions.

This inflator works well for releasing tyre pressure. The pressure was raised from 28 to 32 psi in more than 10 minutes. Even after 1 hour of idling the automobile engine, it was unable to boost the pressure to 8 psi for a flat tyre. A flat tyre is a waste of money.


  • A great tool for a great price
  • EP Auto Tire Inflator
  • Garbage!
  • Really Good Air Pump that would save you time and effort


  • Does not work with Presta to Schrader valve adapter



#05 – Kensun AC/DC Digital Tire Inflator for Car 12V DC




We just got the pump and used it to inflate a tyre on my car. We needed to increase the tyre pressure from 35 to 38 psi. The pump operated for 10 minutes on AC, and the tyre really lost air (as measured by a different tyre gauge). Started at 35 pressure and terminated at 34.5 psi after 10 minutes.

We tried this one as a possible more permanent solution after burning through three of those cheap skinny compressors they offer here on Amazon. Spend a few dollars more and you’ll get a far superior quality and service. Mfg. provides excellent customer service. Just had a tiny issue that they quickly resolved. This compressor is of excellent quality.

It’s simple to use and gets the job done swiftly. Better than the inflators at the petrol station. It will undoubtedly come in handy while travelling, but hopefully I will not need to use it.


  • Works great
  • Love it!!!
  • Great price, good value
  • High quality


  • Bad start and great finish!



#06 – DEWALT 20V MAX* Cordless Tire Inflator, Tool Only (DCC020IB)




We’ve wanted a compressor since my wife and I bought our first house because It was tired of travelling to the gas station every time we needed to check our tyre pressures or replenish the leaky wheelbarrow tyre. It was fascinated when DeWalt launched this compressor/inflator combo because We already own a few Dewalt tools and 20V batteries, and the inflator might be useful while camping.

Today, We inflated all four tyres on my SUV, and it performed admirably. It appreciate how the hose end is threaded so that if you attach it to your car tyre and it tips over, it won’t pop off your valve stem. It’s simple to thread and maintain.


  • Exceedingly useful and handy
  • A fantastic portable compressor and a great addition to the Dewalt 20V lineup
  • Best inflator I’ve ever owned


  • Priced WAY too high given what it does NOT come with



#07 – BOSTITCH Pancake Air Compressor, Oil-Free, 6 Gallon, 150 PSI (BTFP02012)




So far, so good. Tires, nail guns, dusting off items, and so forth. It’s a touch louder than other pancake compressors I’ve used in the past, but it appears to operate ok otherwise.

This compressor is what It use to power my nail guns. It provides me with all of the oxygen We require. Its performance has left me quite pleased. I don’t believe this compressor is for you if you require a lot of air for things like sandblasting.

The construction quality is excellent. It’s a good feature to have dual hose nozzles. Gauges that are easy to read and accurate. Tank is a good size. If you acquire one of these pancake compressors, make sure to drain the tank after each use. Prevents corrosion and rust.


  • Manageable Weight
  • Excelente compresor
  • Nice unit that provides the power required for auto tools


  • Solid, safe bet



#08 – PORTER-CABLE Air Compressor, 6-Gallon, Pancake, Oil-Free (C2002)




For the price, this is a fantastic small device. The manual/instructions are nearly worthless. Remember to do the break-in period, which isn’t mentioned much in the handbook. Run the tank for 15 minutes with the pressure valve open at the bottom. After that, shut it up and you’re ready to leave.

The slow delivery took much longer than normal. It was a big, heavy package, so it’s kind of logical. The compressor performs just as expected. It’s fantastic. There are no problems at all. Don’t expect to paint your automobile, but most air tools work well. Makes a lot of air in a short amount of time. For remote work, it’s simple to throw in the truck. It only takes up a little amount of storage space.

This air compressor was used in conjunction with a nail gun. We’ll be pleased with the results. With the nail gun, we used Lucas Oil. We probably wouldn’t have needed to, but it seemed like a good investment to keep things working smoothly. We used it to build our pole barn, and we hope to utilise it to build a house next.


  • Great tool
  • Great homeowners compressor


  • It does a great job, it fits perfectly in a compartment on



#09 – CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor




My husband constantly asking if We could help him get a compressor. What a variety of applications it will have! Vacuum the garage. Tires should be filled. ,,,,,,,,,, We chose to get this after seeing it on Amazon. It comes with a variety of attachments and is simple to use and transport. He really adores it! The narrative has come to an end!

It was quite dissatisfied with my purchase. It was a rebuilt/return/repackage item. It’s no surprise that the pricing is low. The fact that this was not a brand-new item should have been emphasised. All of the parts were loose in the package (and one was missing! ), and the hose was partially damaged due to being bent. DISAPPOINTED. It was just too much work to return it and the firm to whom it belonged.


  • Great price a must-have for all air tool users. very solid very well built
  • So far, so good


  • Quality control problem



#10 – DEWALT Pancake Air Compressor, 6 Gallon, 165 PSI (DWFP55126)




This one was chosen after much investigation for general air requirements around the house and garage. Worked wonderfully right out of the box – even though newer units don’t require it, We did a 15 minute open valve burn-in. To test for leaks, We left 150 psi in the tank for three weeks, but it was still at 140 psi. Hoses and tools should be connected with industrial connections rather than automobile connectors.

This compressor is ideal for the weekend warrior; the tank pressure is sufficient for a DIY project, the regulator is precise, and the compressor is simple to turn off and empty.


  • Light about 30 or so pounds
  • Has rubber feet on the bottom
  • Pumps up to 165psi
  • Sturdy carrying handle
  • Place to wrap the power cord so I won’t trip over it


  • Can’t think of anything yet



You have gone through different best convenient air blowers accessible on the web. To pick the best one, you can go through this purchasing guide until the end.

  1. Power Source

By and large, the compact air blowers are fueled by one or the other power or gas. Here is a point by point note about it.

Electric Air Compressors – Runs on standard family voltage ( They will not produce exhaust and are considered as most ideal decision for indoor applications. Likewise, recollect that blower controlled with a generator will harm the engine.

Internal combustion Compressors – They are involved by remodelers and developers for basically business purposes because of their high result and comfort. They transmit vapor, exhaust and can be worked distinctly in very much ventilated regions or outside.

  1. Greatest Pressure

One ought to check the greatest pneumatic force cutoff of any air blower prior to purchasing to expand your tires or enhancer your air devices. As a general rule, the pneumatic stress is estimated as far as pounds per square inch (PSI). Blowers with high PSI will not have strong engines yet in addition need extreme air tanks.

For example, vehicle tires might take 30 – 35 PSI, the greater part of the air fueled instruments require 90 – 100 PSI while for hard core assignments, it need 200 PSI or more. The most versatile air blower accompany 50 – 230 PSI, while the pragmatic air blower rating is 150 PSI, which utilized for different applications.

  1. Wind current

The wind current is by and large estimated as far as cubic feet each moment (CFM) and this let you in on how much air the blower can convey to control up your apparatuses/tires. Ensure that you perusing the conveyed CFM yet not dislodged CFM, as conveyed CFM is solid number to consider. To know the necessary CFM of an apparatus while utilizing different instruments or huge device, then, at that point, just duplicate the given CFM of the device by 1.5, this will guarantee a lot of airpower that let you power any devices really.

The air blower will have least CFM expected to run the apparatus for its activity. For example, a 3/4-inch sway wrench will work best with air blower that produce 14 CFM yet work better compared to 16 CFM. Continuously, really like to pick most noteworthy conceivable worth why in light of the fact that pneumatic device utilizes air quicker than blower gives and you need to quit working and trust that the tank will top off. Examine CFM of some normally utilized power instruments.

  1. Obligation Cycle

The obligation cycle alludes to how long it can run before it requirements to enjoy some time off to chill off and how lengthy it chills off. They are estimated in a rate and alludes to how much time it run in full cycle, including both running and resting time. The warm security include is underlying different elite execution models that turns down naturally, when it arrives at a specific temperature.

On the off chance that, the model without this element will make the administrator to close down the machine before it overheats. The obligation pattern of a given air blower alludes to the period of time it worked at 100 PSI and surrounding temperature of 72-degrees. Albeit, how much required cooling time will shift assuming having blower during outrageous fever changes. One can observe an obligation cycle communicated in following rates.

  1. Power Draw

The majority of the versatile air blowers utilize 12-volt power attachment of your vehicle for power necessity. Basically, they utilize the battery of your vehicle for packing air and expanding tires. Thus, one needs to check the power drawn by your air blower to guarantee that it won’t influence your vehicle battery. Some air blowers utilize around 150 watts of force while some other utilize 120 watts, which are protected to use with most vehicles.

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