Best Air Compressor for Roofing Nailer – Very much like the material nails and material nailers, an air blower likewise ought to be particular to use with a material nailer firearm. As we would not utilize be able to simply any nail and nailing firearm to do material, we likewise would not utilize pretty much any blower we be able to have closeby.

Best Air Compressor for Roofing Nailer

#01 – Makita Air Compressor for Roofing Nail Gun




This Makita mac2400 is a good choice if you’re looking for a more affordable yet reliable solution. It’s not like the ‘no-maintenance’ air compressor from Dewalt. This one, in reality, is oil-lubricated and requires periodic oil changes or additions to ensure smooth performance. Because of its temperature control and noise- and vibration-free operation, this type of air compressor is the best. Yes, this Makita air compressor has enough power to operate two nailers in a succession without making a lot of noise or vibration.

The main issue with an oil-based compressor is that in cold weather, the natural oil tends to freeze the unit, preventing it from starting. Simply change the oil with a synthetic type of oil to solve the problem.

This unit weighs a lot. It isn’t as easy to move as our top option, the Dewalt compressor. It can be lifted by one guy, but moving it up and down the stairs is challenging. Furthermore, extension cords are not suggested. These facts should be taken into account. Is it possible to utilise this model on your job site? If not, go on to the next air compressor on this list that has been examined.


  • Highly durable construction
  • Overload protected
  • Low noise


  • May need to replace oil in cold weather



#02 – Rolair Oil-Less 1 HP Compressor for Roofing




This little compressor only generates 2.35 CFM at 90 psi, which is insufficient for professional roofing nailer operation. But it isn’t completely worthless. To be honest, this machine is better for trimming and framing, and on rare occasions, roofing. Yes, you are correct; it is primarily intended for households that wish to utilise a single air compressor for all of their purposes.

To begin with, the tank just requires 2.5 litres of air. The good news is that its limited capacity makes it much easier to lift and carry up and down the stairs. It has a tough roll-cage construction that protects the tank from harm on the job site. Apart than that, this device is truly “whisper quiet.” As a result, folks who have major noise problems should search elsewhere.

For me, the cost of this low-capacity air compressor is prohibitively expensive. With this money, you may easily acquire a considerably larger capacity device. It’s difficult to find a competition to this model if you want a quiet and long-lasting air compressor.


  • Portable design
  • Whisper quiet
  • Responsive customer service


  • Limited capacity



#03 – Ingersoll-Rand-Twin-Stack Air Compressor for Roofing, Decking and Trimming




If you’re looking for a long-lasting air compressor, this Ingersoll Rand model is the one to go for. The cast-iron tank, knobs, gauges, and couplers are all of the highest quality, ensuring that this device will last the test of time. Don’t be fooled by commercials that claim this is a “lightweight and portable” device.

It is not lightweight or portable because it weighs over 80 pounds. A sturdy and high-capacity air compressor, on the other hand, should not be light. If that’s the case, the quality is suspect. But one thing is certain: this device might be made in such a way that it is simple to manoeuvre.

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Do you want to know if you can use this machine with roofing nailers? Yes, this may be used for roofing, trimming, framing, and decking, as well as other tasks that require the use of a nail gun. It runs on synthetic oil and is an oil-based machine. Even in frigid temperatures, when petroleum-based lubricants fail, this oil may be used.

Be prepared to deal with the resulting noise and vibration. It’s a result of using a strong air compressor. We can’t say it’s a disadvantage, but you should be aware of it.


  • Synthetic lubricant for all year round use
  • Highly durable construction


  • It creates noise and vibration



#04 – PORTER-CABLE Low-Cost Pancake Compressor




Though pancake-style air compressors have lost their allure since the introduction of new air compressors, we can’t dispute that they are more cost-effective, lighter, and hold more air. Yes, aside from all of these benefits, only loudness, vibration, and a few other drawbacks have significantly impacted its sales.

So, these are the model’s drawbacks. It is loud and vibrates, however the machine itself does not vibrate; instead, the tremor is caused by the floor underneath it. Although sufficient air protection can eliminate the noise problem, it is not suited for usage in a reasonable area.

This unit is half the weight and half the price of the other compressors on this list. This is beautifully balanced; you won’t feel the weight even if you hoist it many stories with one hand. The only problem is that the operating system is from the Jurassic period, and the instructions are abysmal. Aside from that, this is the cheapest option.


  • Lightweight and well balanced
  • Oil-free pump
  • Low cost


  • Very loud



#05 – Senco Lightweight 1-Hp 1-Gallon Compressor




When you can perform the same work with a lighter choice, there’s no need to haul around large and heavy air tanks all over the building site. Senco designed this one-gallon compressor with little jobs in mind. Because air compressors aren’t only for nail firing.

After completing the roofing jobs, you’re left with a too large compressor for little activities. That is why this little capacity portable device appears to be more considerate.

Despite its modest size, it can generate 135 PSI, which is enough to power roofing nailers. It goes without saying that other household activities, such as filling tyres or winterizing water pipes, are sufficient.

Another good incentive to invest is that it is less expensive. You must pay half the amount for this unit as you would for heavier variants. This device is more convenient to own, run, and maintain for homeowners, artists, and DIY enthusiasts.


  • Good little compressor
  • Great if you accept it for what it is


  • This compressor is incredible for being so small!



#06 – BOSTITCH Pancake Air Compressor




Because of its exceptionally compact size, we couldn’t help but put this fantastic air compressor at the top of our list.

Yes, as a worker, you will always value a gadget that is simple to use.

It includes a number of interesting features that will catch the attention of any consumer.

First and foremost, you should look at the PSI.

We’re talking about 2.6 SCFM here, which is ridiculously high for such a little gadget.

In addition, the tank is rather substantial for the machine’s size, with a 6-gallon capacity.

The fact that there are two outputs adds to the value of this gadget.


  • Very quiet during the work
  • 20 seconds of recovering time are incredible
  • 75% duty cycle will see the job done fast
  • Very small footprint for ease of use


  • The electrical cord could’ve been a bit longer



#07 – PORTER-CABLE C2002 Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor




The body of this heavy-duty pancake air compressor for the roofing nailer we’re looking at is insanely tiny. By looking at the size, one can undervalue its worth. And how far off the mark would he be? Because you will be taken aback when this little device’s strong motor kicks in. Yes, it will get the job done quickly.

Now, what about its long-term viability? In this regard, I found the Porter-cable air compressor for the roofing nailer to be excellent. It may be used continuously for 45 minutes. All you have to do now is let it about 15 minutes to cool down. Isn’t it exciting?

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The pancake air compressor with a large tank capacity is one of my favourites. That’s why Really adored this gadget. It has a 6-gallon capacity, so you can get some serious work done with it. The fact that it is quite light has also pleased me. Yes, if mobility is important to you, you will find the product to be ideal.

This air compressor for roofing is intended for cold weather, which is one of its greatest features. Yes, even if the temperature is too low, the homeboy will not give up. It also has two outputs, allowing it to do many tasks at once.


  • This oil-free air compressor 6-gallon is a durable and corrosion-resistant tank with a large capacity
  • Has double outlets to serve more than one purpose at a time
  • Oil-free UMC pancake compressor works great in extremely low temperatures
  • The air hose cleans the machine’s exterior to get rid of the dust


  • The plastic connector isn’t that convincing


#08 – Makita 2.5 HP Air Compressor




When We first saw this device, It was completely enthralled by its appearance. Yes, the Makita mac2400 is the gadget we are about to evaluate if you want to see a gorgeous device. It now has two tanks, which is the nicest feature. Yes, you read that correctly.

This heavy-duty air compressor was especially appealing to me because of its incredibly quiet operation. And if you’re concerned about wear and tear, you shouldn’t be. Furthermore, the Makita mac2400 is a very quiet machine. And the fact that it’s made of robust cast iron is just too cool.

This equipment has a large capacity for compressing air. You might also consider the very quick recuperation time it offers. Furthermore, the machine operates at a low amp, ensuring that voltage does not decrease.

This air compressor is distinct in that it includes an air filter. This function will ensure that you are breathing exceptionally pure air. Is this product suitable for professional tasks? Yes, it is correct. You will not be able to question it once you see the highly strong motor it has.


  • Very powerful motor, yet little noise
  • Two tanks with an impressive capacity
  • An oil sight glass for monitoring the oil level
  • Very fast recovery time


  • A bit heavy




Because the JC10 Plus air compressor has a 2.5 gallon tank, you may use it for a long time with the roofing nailers.

Once the tank is full, it just takes around 45 seconds to replenish it.

It’s a 2.35 CFM unit with a 90 PSI pressure. It has a 1HP motor and a low amp draw (7.5A). The maximum working pressure is 125 pounds per square inch.

This air compressor is simple to turn on and off. All you have to do is plug in and out the power cable and turn it on and off using a button.

When the device is sitting on the ground, the pressure gauges must be oriented upwards for easy viewing. Unfortunately, there are no features on this item.


  • A perfect unit to use with different nail guns, including roofing nailer
  • This air compressor is a surprisingly quiet unit (60db while running)
  • It’s a well-built air compressor that should last long
  • This air compressor doesn’t weigh too much, and it’s moderately small. Pretty convenient to transport


  • This unit is more a homeowner-friendly than a contractor
  • The gauges are not positioned correctly to see them easily


#10 – Makita MAC700 Big Bore Air Compressor




At 90 PSI, the Makita MAC700 has a respectable CFM of 3.3. It also boasts a robust 2HP engine, making it a trustworthy tool for use with various nail guns, including roofing nailers.

The tank capacity of this air compressor is 2.6 gallons. This air compressor has a maximum pressure of 130 PSI and requires 12.4 amps.

Although this is not an oil-free compressor, it does not need a lot of upkeep.


  • While it’s not too heavy, at the same time, the weight could have been lighter



Air Pressure Requirement for Roofing Nailers

To deliver the ideal measure of strain to utilize one or numerous nailing gins, to limit the recuperation time and to make shipping the actual blower more straightforward, we ought to utilize the blower that is best for this work.

How to Tell Which Air Compressor Fits You Best?

Weight and Durability

Weight and toughness are emphatically connected with regards to the air blower. The heavier the unit, the more tough it is made. Yet, you need to remember that, you should lift the unit to the housetop to utilize it with a material nailer. That includes hauling this machine up to a few stores.

On the off chance that it is weighty, you might have to look for help from others. It’s anything but an issue for workers for hire, yet for individuals who work alone, it tends to debilitate. All things considered, you ought to pick an air blower that is not difficult to lift by one individual, yet tough enough to keep going for a really long time.


It is a gift that a few units are mindfully intended to make these versatile. These are not light however made more straightforward to move. For proficient development organizations, putting resources into these will be more astute. As you don’t need to stress over its strength because of the brutal work space, yet it delivers sufficient energy to run numerous devices, these are for the most part estimated higher than others.

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Most extreme Pressure

As I have referenced before, an air blower requirements to have 70-1110 PSI to run a material nailer. You will very much love to know that, on our rundown, we have recorded a few blowers that produce far more tension so you can run a few pneumatic devices all the while. It takes care of business quicker and one blower serves as different blowers to limit the expense.

Oiled/without oil

There are two essential classifications of air blowers. Greased up and without oil. The greased up plan requires replacing oil now and again to keep the blower running without grinding. Then again, sans oil plans don’t need support and don’t spill. However, a few experts pick greased up ones for better execution. As I would see it, it is only an individual decision and weather pattern.


The size of the tank decides the tension it makes. However, it additionally makes the air blower havier. So you need to track down an equilibrium here with the goal that it doesn’t be exceptionally weighty to haul around nor be less strong to take care of business.

Recuperation Time

It diminishes the vacation of material. The time the engine takes to top off the air tank to shoot the following nail is the recuperation time. For proficient material, the less the recuperation time, the better for the gig.

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Clamor and Vibration

Vibration is unavoidable for air blowers. All you need to search for is the way tranquil the unit is. A few modest units are fantastic to deliver the necessary strain, yet outrageously noisy. These are not the ones you wish to have when you need to manage it the entire day.

Then again, the calmer models are pricier. Once more, you need to think carefully whether you are good with an uproarious machine as long as it fits the spending plan or you want a more ear-accommodating one to help your day-long execution.

Indeed, even the most expert air blower can give out sooner than anticipated in the event that it isn’t dealt with as expected. These machines are profoundly mishandled, so you ought to give close consideration to the air channel assuming it is getting foul or tainted with residue and garbage.

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